RJM Music Mini Effect Gizmo X Audio Loop Switcher


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상품명 RJM Music Mini Effect Gizmo X Audio Loop Switcher
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점퍼 -S1L3

The Mini Effect Gizmo X is a compact, MIDI controlled switcher that can switch up to 6 effects. It also features two function switches for controlling compatible analog pedals or guitar amps. Its 6 true bypass audio loops can switch either mono or stereo effects, bypassing any unneeded effects and the cables that connect them, which prevents them from degrading your tone!

Its small size allows it to be placed on or under a pedalboard, or in a rack drawer with your pedals. It’s compatible with any MIDI controller, and works especially well with our products including the Mastermind series and the full size Effect Gizmo. You can add one – or even more – Mini Effect Gizmo Xs to increase the number of pedals you can control in your rig.

Basic setup and programming is as easy as can be. Plug in your pedals and MIDI controller, and programming each preset only takes a couple of button presses. The Mini Effect Gizmo X supports up to 1024 presets!

For more advanced configurations, the Mini Effect Gizmo X has a USB C port that allows you to connect it to a Windows PC, Mac or iPad and make use of the Mini Effect Gizmo editor software. The editor software allows for more configuration options, including the ability to set individual loops to mono or stereo and to change the order of loops in each preset.

Mini Effect X Gizmo Features

● Control your pedals on a pedalboard, in a rack drawer, or wherever. The Mini Effect Gizmo is small enough to fit almost anywhere
● One button press on a MIDI controller can turn on any or all of the 6 connected pedals, and also control analog pedals or amp channels using the function switch output
● 6 true-bypass audio loops allow you to preserve your guitar’s tone. Unused effects – and the cables that connect them – are switched completely out of your signal path
● The order of audio loops is fully user-programmable. Each preset can have a different programmable loop order
● A built-in audio buffer is available at the input, preventing treble loss from long cable runs and certain effects. The buffer is switchable at any time
● “Fuzz Mode” allows you to configure which loops have fuzz pedals or other pedals that are adversely affected by buffers. The Mini Effect Gizmo X will turn off the buffer when those pedals are turned on, and in the first active position
● When used with a Mastermind GT or LT, the Mini Effect Gizmo X can act as a tuner, displaying the tuner status on the Mastermind
● Compatibility with all MIDI controllers
● USB-C connectivity for use with Mac, PC and iPad editor software
● Editor software requires Windows 7, MacOS 10.13, or iOS 12 (or later version of any of these OSs)
● Easy to program and use

Mini Effect Gizmo X Specs

● 6 audio loops, wired in series
● Input, output and all loops are configurable for stereo or mono operation
● Your signal is converted from mono to stereo as needed. Stereo capability is implemented using TRS packs 
● Stereo switchable buffer at the input
● TRS function switch output can be used to control most devices that work with a 1 or 2 button momentary or latching footswitch
● Any loop can be used as a split point, allowing the loops to be split into two individual groups. (Can be used to run some effects in front of the amp and some in the amp’s effects loop, for example)
● Switchable tuner output
● Internal voltage conversion provides +/-12 volts to the audio path for maximum headroom and audio performance
● 1024 presets, arranged in 8 banks of 128
● Responds to MIDI Program Change (PC) and Continuous Controller (CC) messages
● Configurable for any of 16 MIDI channels, and each CC number is individually configurable to any number (0-127)
● Can provide phantom power through the MIDI In jack. (9VDC, over pins 6&7 of a 7-pin MIDI cable)
● Can also chain phantom power through the MIDI Thru/Out jack. (9VDC, over pins 6&7 of a 7-pin MIDI cable)
● USB-C port for computer and tablet connectivity, Class Compliant USB MIDI device
● Dimensions: 9.25″ x 4″ x 1.7″ (23.5 x 10.2 x 4.3cm)
● Weight: 1.3 lb (0.6 kg)
● Power Requirements: 9VDC or 9VAC @ 200mA, either polarity
● Made in USA



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